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Fun team bonding.
Better wellbeing.
Lasting impact.

Embark on team challenges that build deeper bonds, improve employee wellness and leave a lasting impact.

How it Works

We have a variety of challenges and team programs to choose from. Pick from our collection or reach out to us for a personalized plan that's right for your team and goals.

Pick your team Challenges

Browse our collection of challenges or let us design a custom program just for you and your team.

We'll send you a form, jump on an intro call and nail out the details together.

Get setup and ready to rock n' roll

We're able to run challenges straight from your Slack workspace - we just need a bit of help to get us in there. That's where you come in! Once we get access to a private space in Slack we'll set everything up and invite your team to build the hype.

Ready? Set. GO!

Once we launch, just show up and tackle the challenge with your team. No heavy lifting on your end, just a stream of healthy competition, hearty laughs and good habit building along the way.

Tie Challenges to Incentives for EXTRA Impact

Reward your team!

Set a target -->

Set a goal for your employees 🥅
It can be individual, group, or team based. Finish 80% of the daily yoga? Complete all 5 creative tasks? Clock in the most steps? Set a target that works for your needs. 

Share perks for reaching the goal 🌟
Extra half day off? Unlock a $250 bonus health spending? Free gym class credit?
Reward your team for showing up and building healthy habits and mindsets along the way. 

Why it matters



in employee satisfaction



in employee turnover



in employee productivity



in employee absenteeism



in employee morale

- Forbes -
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"Experts say that stressed workers are costing employers billions of dollars each week. It’s important to level up employee engagement strategies to prevent losing talent to competitors."


Why it works

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We Host on your Slack Workspace

No need to download a new app or ask your team to leave their space. We'll set up a private Slack group right in your own workspace so you can keep the engagement high, the hassle low and the funny banter for your team.

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Customized for your needs

Each team is different - their goals, needs, schedules and interests - so it's only natural our Challenges are too. At the end of the day you know your team best and we want to deliver something that's realistic, impactful and fits into your work schedule.

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We handle the worry. You handle the fun

We'll handle the scheduling, the posting, the questions, the technical issues and everything in between. You're part of the team too and we want you to experience the journey just as your teammates do.

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Group accountability has magic powers

Some call it the Psychology of humans, we call it magic. There are measurable improvements to building new habits, mindsets and routines when there's a crowd watching (and cheering) on your journey.

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New mindsets that leave lasting impressions

The lessons learned along the way are small but mighty. The art of trying something new, small wins, showing up, inspiring others, dropping the ball but picking it back up again - we're building confidence, resilience and systems that people can carry with them wherever they go.

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Create a ripple effect of care and growth

At TRYBE we believe that it feels good to grow, to succeed, to be seen. And people who feel good, do good. And now more than ever the world needs more good. Lead the ripple effect of goodness and growth within your team.

Ready to Get Started?

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