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Below are the active challenges happening in our group. Our goal is progress (not perfection) so try your hand at something new with a group of likeminded people - you might just find your trybe ;) 

Yoga Challenge

Yoga Challenge

Yoga + Affirmations Challenges 

Join us as we commit to doing 28 days of yoga. The intent is to start getting more connected with our bodies and minds through yoga. 

Meditation Challenge

Meditation Challenge

21 Day Chakra Meditations

Try this 21 day program centered on Chakras. Each day receive a new meditation to try focusing on 1 of the 7 chakras. This series is all about body energy connection.

Creativity Artistic Challenge to tap back into your creativity

Creativity Challenge

Daily Journal Challenge

Time to get in touch with your thoughts and put pen to paper. In this challenge you'll receive a new prompt every day to reflect and write on. Join the group to share the process.

Running Fitness Challenge

Running Challenge

23KM (14 Miles) a Month

This is a great starter program for all runners. Join us as we commit to running 23km per month in the honour of the Year 2023! Whether you're new to running or an expert, join the group and see what you're capable of!

Want to try something else?

Let us know and we'll organize a challenge for you!

Thanks for submitting!
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